Lee Horneyer | Since 1944, we are proud to serve the Midwest as a leading distributor and resource for the tool, die, moldmaking, metal stamping, injection molding, die casting, special machining, automation industries and CNC tooling solutions.

  • Die Sets
    Die Components

    Die Supplies

    The Lee Horneyer Company is one of the Midwest’s largest suppliers of tool and die products. We provide die sets, punches, mechanical springs, nitrogen springs and manifolds, urethane springs, guidance elements, in-die tapping systems and rotary benders.

  • Mold Bases
    Pins, Cores & Sleeves
    Mold Components


    The Lee Horneyer Company carries an extensive line of mold and die cast components. We provide mold bases, cavity retainer sets, pins, cores, sleeves, guidance elements, to print special components, mechanical springs, nitrogen springs and threadforming devices.

  • Presses
    Stock Reels & Decoiler
    Air Feeds

    Press & Feedline

    The Lee Horneyer Company and its press and feedline partners design and build innovative press, coil handling and press feeding equipment for the metal stamping and fabricating industry. We provide mechanical and hydraulic presses, coil reels, straighteners, slug conveyors, and air, mechanical and servo feeds.

  • Weldment Services
    Press Brake Tooling
    Large Weldment Capabilities


    The Lee Horneyer Company’s fabrication partners offer a wide range of grinding, plate, welding and fabrication services. We provide flame cut plate, welding, machining and press fabrications, aluminum framing and guarding systems, press brake tooling, weldments and C-Frame press tooling.

  • Conveyors
    Aluminum Framing Systems
    Vision Systems


    The Lee Horneyer Company supplies components and equipment used in automating various industrial processes. We provide aluminum framing and guarding systems, conveyor systems, In process vision systems, safety sensors and controls, tapping systems, cam and guidance elements and precise fluid dispensing units.

  • Ballnose Endmill
    Tool Holding
    Magnetic Workholding

    CNC Tooling Solution

    The Lee Horneyer Company supplies tooling and accessories for the cutting tool and screw machine industry. We provide solid carbide end mills (Includes Customer Tooling and Reconditioning), tapping, burrs, drills, reamers, countersinks, tool holding, collets & nuts, carbide inserts, face mills, indexable & high-feed end mills & drills, turning tools, boring tools, setup equipment, magnetic products, small parts batch deburring, and router tooling.