Lee Horneyer | Since 1944, we are proud to serve the Midwest as a leading distributor and resource for the tool, die, moldmaking, metal stamping, injection molding, die casting, special machining, automation industries and CNC tooling solutions.

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Moldmaking Supplies

The Lee Horneyer Company carries an extensive line of mold and die cast components.
We provide mold bases, cavity retainer sets, pins, cores, sleeves, guidance elements,
to print special components, mechanical springs, nitrogen springs and threadforming devices.

The Lee Horneyer Company is Proud Moldmaking Supplies Partners With:
  • Anchor Danly Company

    Ithaca, Michigan
    Die Sets, Steel Plate Services, Metal Fabrication & Weldment


    Troy, Michigan
    Innovative Solutions for Molds (Ejection, Undercuts, Slides and beyond)

  • Danly IEM

    Self Lubricating Wear & Guidance Elements

  • Dayton Lamina Corporation

    Dayton, Ohio
    A MISUMI Company; Dayton Progress, Danly, IEM, Lamina & Lempco

  • Dayton Progress Corporation

    Dayton, Ohio
    Punch & Die Components, Special Core Pins, Die Springs

  • Diamond Metals Distribution

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Tool Steel (Saw Cut & Diamond Squared), Powdered Metals, Alloys & Hot Rolled

  • Lamina

    Farmington Hills, MI
    Pins, Bushings & Cages, Accu-Bend rotary bending tool, Prof. IDT In-Die Tapping, & Die Springs

  • Misumi Press Die Components

    Chicago, Illinois
    Punches, button dies, stripper guide pins, coil springs

  • Royal Diversified Products Company

    Warren, Rhode Island
    Hotwork Ejector Pins, Core Pins & Perforators

  • Special Springs

    Canton, Michigan
    Nitrogen Gas Springs, Die Springs, Nitrogen Manifold Systems, Delay Systems, Linked Systems and Easy Manifolds

  • Tool Dynamics

    Columbus, Indiana
    TRD-Plus Surface Treatment